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Dialed In Motion Running

Dynamic Shoe Fitting Software

Dialed In Motion Running provides all the tools required to enable you to select the right shoe for your customer's gait. Video analysis at the core of the Dialed In Motion ensures your customer becomes the focal point of the fitting and purchase process. "I need this shoe – it suits my gait." They see and understand what the salesperson suggests.

New High Definition (HD) Video Capture and Display

You can now capture and display HD video from either one camera or two. HD video gives superior image quality for you the Shoe Fitter and for your customers.

With these crisper images you are able to zoom in with greater clarity. You can now complete a more accurate analysis and also give your customer a far superior visual experience.

Dialed In Motion is:

Simple to use.

Easy to follow work flow.

Guided analysis.

Follow a guided pathway or free form, the choice is yours.

Engage your customer.

Improve sale conversion ratios.

Data collection.

Embedded is a customer data collection system.