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Dialed In Motion Now in HD

Dynamic Bike Fitting Software

Dialed In Motion Cycling enable cycling retailers to provide the best bike fit for their customers.

Increase revenue and repeat business by giving your customers their best bike fit and visually engaging them in the bike fitting process.

New High Definition (HD) Video Capture and Display

You can now capture and display HD video from either one camera or two. HD video gives superior image quality for you the Bike Fitter and for your customers.

With these crisper images you are able to zoom in with greater clarity. You can now complete a more accurate analysis and also give your customer a far superior visual experience.

New ANT+™ Data Compatibility

Want to know what effect a changed bike position has on power output and cadence or need to hold power constant while you do the fit? Well now you can hook up ANT+ capable devices such as heart rate monitors, power meters, and cadence sensors and then display the data with the video either in real time or as a graph as shown in the screen shot below.

Dialed In Motion is:

Simple to use.

Easy to follow work flow.

Guided analysis.

Follow a guided pathway or free form, the choice is yours.

Create new revenue streams.

Enhance the customer experience and add value to the sales process.

Data collection.

Embedded is a customer data collection system and fitting reports to help build customer loyalty.